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About Me

I have a M.S. in Applied Statistics, major in Computer Science. I am a part-time maths tutor for 30 years and work in computer programming. My maths teaching and computer programming experience is very useful to build websites. At first, I built a website named www.virtual-exam.com for Thai students to practice maths exam online, that is why this website is a subdomain of virtual-exam.com

Later, I found that a number of students could not finish exam in time because they lacked of basic maths skills. So I built maths games to be tools for them to improve their basic maths skills. My maths games are different from others.

I designed them for flexible usage. Users can set details for maths questions such as number of digits, number of decimal places, negative number etc. They can combine these details to make maths questions in any level of difficulty. Everyone can set maths games to generate maths questions according to his/her ability. After my students practice maths games, their maths skills are better. This makes me realize that brain training of children is very important. When their brains are trained continuously, they have more potential to succeed in study. Brains perform many functions. Calculation is a function that need maths skills. Another function is memory. Memory is important for learning everything. So, children should have brain training exercises for improving their memory.

I build Learn vocabulary with pictures to be free brain training exercises for improving memory. There are more than 700 words match with pictures in these exercise. After practice, children's memory are powerful and they get more than 700 words in their memory that are userful for study English.

To study a foreign language needs powerful memory. I also build vocabulary online to be a tool for them to refresh their vocabulary.

I think that these free brain training tools are useful for all students around the world. So, I translated them into English so that everyone who understands English can use them.

Sompong Thitasomboon

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Big Family Trees

It is impossible to take every relatives to the same place at the same time to get to know one another. If every family build her family tree and connect them together like fitting pieces of jigsaw together, they will get a perfect big family tree which they can share to get to know each other although they live in different cities or different countries because the family tree explains clearly who is who.

www.bigfamilies.net is tools to build family trees and connect them together to get a big family tree network.
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