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The meerkat is a mammal belonging to the mongoose family. There are many meerkats in South Africa. Their main food is insects. They also eat other animals such as snakes, spiders, scoprions etc. Their average ages are 12 - 14 years. Meerkats are very social, living in colonies averaging 20 members.

A family of meerkats is composed of 6 members. They are walking across a bridge but a leopard walks after them.

Your mission is to protect meerkats.

A meerkat walk one step forward if your answer is right. The leopard takes it if your answer is wrong. You have to protect it until it walks to the end of bridge.

How many meerkats can you protect ?

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Big Family Trees

It is impossible to take every relatives to the same place at the same time to get to know one another. If every family build her family tree and connect them together like fitting pieces of jigsaw together, they will get a perfect big family tree which they can share to get to know each other although they live in different cities or different countries because the family tree explains clearly who is who.

www.bigfamilies.net is tools to build family trees and connect them together to get a big family tree network.
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